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Dr. Emil M. Szkipala
Wood Carving Sculptor


Dr. Emil M. Szkipala is a native Romanian where he studied wood carving and fine art. Moving to USA in 1991 he brought to us a part of the Romanian rich heritage in wood carving known as one of the world finest. In 1993, as a super talented wood carving sculptor he became business partner with Dr. Kenneth Bashell, known as The Chainsaw Man of Michigan. Together they appeared many times on TV, shows, exhibitions, parades, and newspapers. After Dr. Bashell retired in 1999 Emil Skzipala received full title as Chainsaw Man of Michigan.

Emil Skzipala shown his work extensively since 1991 and exhibits a definitive trademark style that is recognized nationwide and gather the media attention so many times. His work range in scale from table top pieces to some of the largest, over 30 feet tall contemporary wood sculptures in the nation, which grace numerous public and private collections, in backyards, gardens, golf courses, businesses…of Michigan, New York, California, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Canada, and Europe. Number of unique tree formations included elements of folk art, decorative carvings, abstract wood carving, and much more and generate the concept of very unique and consistent style. He is creating sculptures from the existing trees (stumps), 90 percent on the tree location and the rest of the art work comes from his art shop.


His academic education and specialty is antique restoration including wood carved alters, fireplace mantels, custom frames, designs, wood finishing, lathe turning, and carpentry. Today, Emil is also teaching young generations special art techniques in wood carving. This talented son Stefan Skzipala, 15 years old, is one of his best students, who's wood carving skills leads to more ambitious projects.

Emil Skzipala has been recognized and listed an "Honor Professional" in the nationwide registers "Who is Who" in executive and business. "With and artistic philosophy that mixes elements of Rodin with Walt Disney…his figures reflects and delight similar to the Matisse paper cut out." – Greg Larkin, Art Critic.
His art work is now reaching more and more people in the USA, Europe and collectors as far away as Australia.